Saturday, 3 December 2011

Friends of Rural Cumbria's Environment (FORCE) was formed by a large number of residents of the Boltons Parish in response to an application by National Wind Power to install three wind turbines on land owned by Mike Jefferson at High Pow Farm, Bolton New Houses in 2003.

Since then we have been joined by many others from across Cumbria, and beyond, who share our deep concern that the Cumbrian landscape is being too easily given over to the development of wind power stations. We are committed to opposing inappropriately sited wind energy development in Cumbria and to challenging government guidelines which fail to protect the countryside from this unacceptable

Tony Cunningham MP (Labour) said of FORCE, in a letter to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, "Their reservations are about the location of wind turbines county-wide and I believe their views should be given consideration."

Since that time, more and more schemes have come forward and, despite changes at the highest level of government, we continue to see local communities’ concerns brushed aside in favour of large money spinning schemes which are ruining Cumbria’s most valuable asset - her rural landscapes.

FORCE members are currently challenging additional development in the Boltons Parish where it all began, as well as the flood of other applications which are being brought. Especially, there is deep concern about the number of applications for single turbines which are appearing, which the current planning guidelines do not adequately address.